The last blogpost this year!

This is my last blogpost this year. Not so surprising because 2014 is old. Very old. It is close to death. But this year has left memories and tracks in the snow, and in my life. This year has been one of the roughest year in a long time.
But also a year with lots of smiles. It has giving me a more clear goal to work towards. I know now what i was confused and worried about last year and what i must do with that. It has also made me a prouder father. I was very proud before. Now even more. 

 I became also clear over the time limit i have to fully reach my goal. More than one year and less than five. I’m 50 now so im fine with that time limit.

It was also in 2014 i completed my collection of poems. Over 14000 words. It just needs to be published.
That will rock my world. And a few others peoples world too. But i can’t afford to pay for a publishing right now. I wish i could.

2014 was the year when my biological father passed away. At the same time i felt i became fully recognised as his son, by my biological sister. That was one of the best thing that could happen to me at that stage. 

 It is also ten years since i met my lovely wife for the very first time. For that, i am very happy.

My retirement – in many years from now – will look something like this:

No worries and no stress. I don’t need or want that.
No thoughts about things i must or should do. I don’t have to do anything i don’t want and i couldn’t care less if someone told me – you should do like this, or like this. My life, my decision.

And for the third – peace and quiet. I’m not going to live in a crowded place where people always check the clock and have there notebooks full of appointments.
No i won’t. Not when im retired.

But im not there yet. Not in years. Not mentally either. 

I have some more work to do, more loose ends to solve and more decision to make.
And while im doing that, i will try to have a blast. A really good time.
That will be one of my promises for next year. The other promise i will make, i keep for my self.

I wish all of you – all readers of my blog – a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We will meet again next year.

Love is in the air. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then love. Very often and very intense. And not only with your body.



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