Blogg 100 day 8, a review and what it is to be a feminist.

Blog100 day 8..8 days full of words.

Its Sunday and its the 8th of Mars. The international day for woman’s rights. It’s also the day when i write my blogposts only in English.
I will give you a short review of the subjects i wrote about the last week in the challenge #blog100 , 100 blogposts a day for 100 days. I will also write about my opinion about what it means to be a feminist, this day when we celebrate all the woman.
On the first day i wrote about the Challenge about writing a blogpost every day for 100 days. Usually i only write one a month. 
On the second day i wrote about who i am, how old i am and where i was born and how it felt to met my siblings for the first time when i was 14.
On the third day i wrote about inner strength and how i enjoyed to spend time alone when i was a child. I also wrote about my passion for making up story’s and write them down.
In my fourth blogpost i write about how i went from being ill often to being more healthy by lower temperature indoors. I sleep with my bedroom window open, and i often turn off the heater in the house. 
In the fifth day i wrote a very emotional blogpost about how it is to live with a chronicle disease. I had a inflammatory bowel disease when i was 18, Ulcerative colitis. I wrote about my way for survival, both physically and mentally as a teenager to this day.
I the sixth day i wrote about my faith and that i believe in God, and why i believe that God isn’t a man or a woman but a wonderful invisible  force that surrounds us.
Yesterday, on the 7th day, i wrote about here and now. What i work with, where my house is and simply how i live.
And this day, day 8, i will write about i think it means to be a feminist. 
A feminist is to show your emotional side and to compassionate about what happens around us. It’s also to be aware of the needs of the family and the ones you care for. It doesn’t have to be a person who in a daily basis fight for woman’s rights. A feminist is not a person who always show strength but also show the vulnerable side and dare to do so without being ashamed of it. 
When a teacher or a spiritual guide says to a man that he a good at showing his feminine side of himself, the mean that they are brave enough to show their emotions and show themselves vulnerable. That’s something that often comes naturally from a woman. And it’s a great strength. To show and not keep our emotions locked in our bodies keeps us more healthy and more honest. Both to our selves and to other people.
On this day – the 8th of Mars – we celebrate all the woman in the world and their rights for equality. We also show our support to the fight to stop violence against woman. Its time for peace and stability and harmony for us all and without woman no one of us would exist. 


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