A review over the last weeks blogposts and a wish.

This is my blogpost number 101. My last blogpost number 100 is about how a weekly list would look like if i could choose. It’s written just for fun but you can translate it if you want on Google translate.

Now my weekly review on English.
Monday’s blogpost was about how an addiction could look like. I wrote about addiction to love and compared it to addiction for gambling and sexual addiction. How any addiction could ruin lives for many people. It’s not about me, just a hidden and serious disease.
Tuesday’s blogpost was about the wonderful force of laughter and how laughing can heal and seduce and how close the line is between laughter and tears.
On Wednesday I wrote about what really happens inside the head of a poet and a writer. How i see every story as a film in my head.
Thursday’s blogpost was about a child adventure and my first love when i was only seven years old. A girl who was my best friend and was more courageous than me and as strong as Pippi Longstocking. That’s my memory and it’s filled with joy.
On Friday I wrote about music and how it could effect us and open our inner doors.
Yesterday’s blogpost was about how it is to be different. And what different means. Is it a good word or just a foolish word we made up to separate people from each other?
And now a wish.
I wish for joy and more laughter. 
I wish for peace i our souls and our hearts.
I wish i could cry when i need to without being ashamed. 
I wish my feeling of constant guilt would disappear. 
I wish i could live a life without stress and worries the rest of my life. 
And i wish for a miracle. 
I’m happy. Things could be much worse. But this is my blog. And this is my list of wishes.



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