Blog100 day 29, A review and a promise

It’s Sunday again and i will write my blogpost in English as promised. It’s been an intense week and so has my blogposts.

On Monday my blog was about guilt and self hate and how those strong emotions effect us as human beings. 
On Tuesday i wrote a short poem about how it is not to have a car up here and how i felt about that. My car broke down that day.
Wednesday’s blogpost was about friendship. What defines a true friend?
Thursday’s blogpost was a hard and emotional blogpost about how the body remembers and how the body can cry. When your body cries it shakes and quivers and you are talking  incoherent. You can’t hide your emotions inside your self forever, if you do your body will act on its own.
On Friday i wrote about how it is to work nightshifts. I’ve done it for six years.
And yesterday’s blogpost was about the difference between begging and ask for help. Is there a difference at all? 
My promise to you, visitors of my blog, is this:
When this challenge is over, when i have written my 100 blogposts, i will write one blogpost a week for the rest of this year. Long or short ones, but one a week every week the whole year out. My life and my thoughts about life will be shown here before anyone else know about them. And my collection of poems will be published this fall, that’s my goal.
I will publish my collection of poems before my parents pass away. And when you are 85, as they are, every day is precious.
So welcome back here – again and again and again.


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