Blogg 100 day 37, A review and next week.

Today i will write my blogpost in English as i usually do on Sunday’s. Today it’s Monday but i forgo about it yesterday. 

Last weeks blogposts comes here:
On Monday i wrote about love and to feel passion and how it builds up.
On Tuesday i wrote about my blog and why im writing a blog. Is the purpose to have many visitors or is it important for me to write no matter who reads it? 
Wednesday’s blogpost was about to be a grown up on the outside and have the sense of joy and happiness as a child on the inside. 
Thursday i wrote about here and now, a spring around the corner and to be honest to my self when i write.
The Good Friday and the day before Easter eve. This day i wrote about traditions and my children when they where very young.
Later the same day i wrote a long blogpost about not betraying my self, how the real me is hidden deep inside me and the inner fight to let the Bengt i used to be, out. This blogpost wasn’t part of the challenge blog 100, it was just something i needed to write.
On Easter eve, Saturday, i wrote about my own traditions when i was a child. How we used to draw paintings and go to the houses around our summerhouse and give them to our neighbours. They gave us fruit and chocolate and some coins and wished us a good Easter eve.
Yesterday’s blogpost was about here and now, the return of the sun and my planned trip to my hometown next week. 
And about next week. I haven’t visited my family in my hometown since daughter and my parents and my stepdaughters. My parents needs me there and my daughter wants me to come too, im longing to see them very much. It’s gonna be great. It’s spring there now, springflowers and warm air. You can where less clothes and there’s no snow. My challenge is to update my blogposts every day even when im down there. But i will.
So many thoughts and so many emotions about this. But i just need to take one day at the time and see what life brings me. I’m always full of hope for the best.


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