The second blogpost this Sunday, a review and a breakfast.

Blogg 100 day 43, my second blogpost in English.

Its Sunday and time for my weekly review of my blogposts over the past week.  

Monday’sblogpost blogpost was Easter Day and the return of the sun i in the north of Norway, where i live.
Tuesday’s blogpost was a very emotional blogpost about two very dear friends, a 86 year old lady and my dog, and the birth of my daughter.
On Wednesday i wrote a very short blogpost because i was exhausted after many nightshifts.
On Thursday i wrote about faith and what faith means means to me. How my inner feeling of being safe no matter what have saved my life and my sanity many times. Faith.
Friday’s blogpost was about my hometown Örebro and all the wonderful places to see in my hometown. What the different places mean to me and how they always gives me energy and joy every time i visit them.
Yesterday i wrote two blogposts. The first one was written 5 minutes before departure from Norway by car yesterday. And the second one on the hotel in Skellefteå in Sweden. The second blogpost was about a problem i had when i was growing up. I couldn’t say the letter R and i was bullied for that for some years. I still can’t say the letter R but now ive learned to live with that, and my friends accept me as i am. 
So..soon down for a delicious hotel breakfast and then on the road again for the next 900 km. I’ll reach my hometown in about 12 hours i think. See you then.


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