Blogg 100 day 50, Halftime and a review.

Today is day 50 in the challenge Blogg 100, 100 blogposts in 100 days. 

It felt very strange but also very exiting in the beginning, 49 blogposts ago. But i managed to write a new one, short or long every day. And today im halfway. 

As ive done from the beginning – except for a couple of times – i will write an English review over the past weeks blogposts every Sunday. And today it’s Sunday.
Monday’s blogpost was about the sun and my trip to Sweden.
Tuesday’s blogpost was about ”Wadköping” which is one of my favourite places in hometown. I wrote a little history about the place and my feelings for it. 
Wednesday’s blogpost was a short poem about stress and my wish for a trip to a place without stress. ” In a country without stress” was the name of the short poem.
Thursday’s blogpost was a more serious blogpost about stress. I wrote about how i react to stress, what happens in my mind when im stressed and that stress is a poison i want to be released from. 
Friday’s blogpost was about human safety net. How important it is to have a mental safety net when you fall and when you take difficult decisions. How important it is to feel that you have someone by your side no matter what.
And yesterday’s blogpost was a short writing about the sunny day here in Sweden.
Today it’s Sunday and it’s departure day. I’m going back to Norway. 1600 km trip, as it was when i drove down here. It’s been a wonderful stay but much to short. Many places i haven’t seen, friends i haven’t visited and things i haven’t done. I’m leaving my hometown for this time. But im also leaving my parents and daughter and friends for this time. I will be back for my vacation in two months. And im longing for that now.
I will be back here tomorrow, for the first of the next 50 blogposts. Blogpost number 100 will be just a few days before my vacation, in June. 


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