Blog100 day 57, A review over the past week and my dream.

The past week has been intense and my blogposts long. Writing is healing for me.

On Monday i wrote about my trip home from my hometown. I always gets sad when it’s time to leave. Mostly because i didn’t had time to do all the things i wanted.
On Tuesday I wrote about being back in track, back in Norway. I had, and have, lots front of me to deal with. I don’t know how but i will try hard. I also wrote that i begun to drink Apple Cider Vinegar every morning, i have read it’s great for your body.
Wednesday’s blogpost was about something that is important to me and something i try to be honest to in life. I wrote about gender neutral love. How we call fall in love with personalities and beautiful souls no matter what gender it is. I am and have always been attracted to woman but maybe it’s just a coincidence. A beautiful personality who is full of joy and fervency is simply irresistible, no matter what gender it is.
Thursday’s blogpost was about my thoughts about being a lecturer. To speak in front of many people about things you want to share and inspire people to do as well. To reach your goals. I also wrote that many tickets to those lectures are very expensive and people who really need to hear them sometimes can’t afford it.
Friday’s blogpost was about being in the sun and in the shadow, as a human being. How to be protected from the temporary cold by being near someone full of joy and strength.
And yesterday’s blogpost was part one of two about my summerhouse and what it looked like and how the surroundings looked like. I keep coming back to writing about my summerhouse because the memories about it is still both full of joy and an open wound, when my father sold it.
Part 2 will be written tomorrow.
So. My dream. I have often written that my dream is to live abroad in a warm country and write books. That’s true. But to be honest, the most important dream which i wish to come true, is to be remembered. Remembered through my children and my books and my wife and closest friends. That’s very important to me. And to be remembered for the good things, the joy i created and the laughter. I wish and i hope.
Take care friends.


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