Blogg 100 day 71, A review over the past weeks blogposts.

You know what? I forgot to write this review last Sunday. I won’t write a two weeks review now, but i will try to remember this for the rest of blogg 100. A Swedish challenge..100 blogposts in 100 days.

On Monday i wrote about what it means to have ”a sunny heart with a sunny mind” which is a famous Swedish expression. 
On Tuesday i wrote about how you write your own days, and how important it is to have a good pen. You write your own destiny. You are your own director.
Wednesday’s blogpost was about spring and the warm air spring bring.
On Thursday i wrote about my walk up the mountain. It’s also a photo from the view i saw from the resting spot up there.
On Friday i wrote about the summer of 69. My summer 1969. It was blogpost number 69. I wrote about flooding and autumn storms and about my cousin.
Yesterday’s blogpost was about the rain here. Only rain here but in my mind the day is warm and Sunny. I also wrote about the Swedish singer and songwriter Orup and his song ”Bara regn hos mig”. He performed once at the big festival in Örebro in Sweden, named after the big Castle in the middle of Örebro. The rain was pouring down and we all had umbrellas. He sang the song Only rain here in Swedish and the energy was fantastic. Orup is one of Swedens most famous and loved songwriter and singer.
So. This is it. Blogpost number 71. 
It’s now 9.50 a.m and it’s still very quiet here. No birdsong today, or not loud anyway. Breakfast in a minute or two. Then another nightshift tonight. The first of four. My life. At the moment.


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