Barefoot without socks and shoes

The sun is shining on every spot 

The children plays on the path 

Ready to burst out to laugh

The beach is hot and soft

But they don’t play Lara Croft 

The sand is white and shimmering 

It makes us all shine

The swan on the lake 

Makes us realise 

Life is not a fake 
I remember it like yesterday 

The sand between my toes 

If life isn’t mine than who’s 

The wind stroked my hair

I just want it to be fair

The ant worked in the stack 

I felt a mosquito in my neck 
I close my eyes and suddenly im there

After so many years and so many fears 

I remember it like yesterday 

And im glad i could see

My past was not now 

I’m not sure how 
Now i just want to close my eyes

And not hear any more lies

You need to be brave 

To open your eyes 

And see, life is really nice
But the way i decided to choose

When i had nothing to lose 

Was to not be brave

My sanity i wanted to save

It has been so until now

I walked the way, i don’t know how 
Then, It was just for fun

I felt secure in the sun

Those i had but was no more 

Made my throat very sore

Because they said to me

You are so much meant to be

Don’t keep your eyes closed 

It doesn’t matter what you chose 

We will always be with you 

No matter what you do 
And my sadness became joy

The feeling came back 

Even though my heart was lack

Of peace and full of fear

On my cheek, there was a tear

I just want to feel joy

And full of energy like the young boy
Yesterday becomes today 

No matter what they all say

I am the little one

That came like a gift

That Christmas day 

When they all wanted to say

That pain was there to stay
They where wrong 

Because it hadn’t been to long 

For me to be unloved 

And unwanted 

They embraced me and said 

Don’t cry just feel

You are about to learn to heal

That was true 

Even though 

It was long ago

I felt joy from my head to my toe


2 kommentarer på “Barefoot

  1. Ilona Rapp skriver:

    I am touched deeply by your poetry it is a gentle sigh, unique in its blending of strength and vulnerability, poignant in its truth and bittersweet in its journey. Please accept my gratitude for the investment of time and emotion in your translation. Your compassion and honesty are illustrated in your writings.

    • bhenth skriver:

      Thank you so much for your words. I’m very glad that you liked my poem. My writing means so much to me and i try to show that in my writings.


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