The mountains and me

The mountains are all around me

Big strong and solid 

I look up and feel embraced 

It’s what i need

But not always all i want
I scream out in despair 

They said it would be nice and fair 

All you can do

Is hope pray and wish

And hear the answer

Maybe from God

But more likely from the rock 
The rock is my friend 

Big solid and strong 

Just as i wanted to be

That day

So many years ago 
I tried to save my friend 

It appeared to be

That his life would depend 

Om me and my will to send 

Many years to his heart

Or stop them in a second
If i had been stronger bigger and faster 
If i had been that rock 

They all thought i would be

And if i had prayed harder

Then my friend would be with me

Not in the air like the wind and the bee
I am only me 

But i am the one and only 

If i see and feel that it’s true

Then i can help you and you

Learn and assist

Make you all see

That all you have to do 

Is your best and be true 

Be your own best friend 

Then you will live to the end



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