A question to God

I have so much to do nowadays..most of my free time i spend at home or planning the drama course i been chosen to run..it’s a small place here so a drama course for young refugees is a big thing..

I haven’t written any poems in two months..yesterday i wrote one..

My problem..if it is a problem..is that i get very emotional of my own poems..which leads to difficulties to read them for an audience..

Well..here it is..my new poem..

” A question to God

Hallo God
It’s me
Your friend on earth
You know me
Who talks to you every day
who updates you
with small things
who never understands why
How and when

I need to ask you
I have a wound in my heart
A deep longing for a loved one
A longing for a person who left me
Much to soon
A person who needed my help
A help that i didn’t understand
How to give
A person who might have stayed
With me a bit longer
If i only had been more wise

I need to ask you
How is she
Is she still as happy as she was here
Is she still as funny as she was here
And does she still cook
the great food
that i loved so much

I need to ask you
Can i borrow here for a day or two
I need to speak with her
I need to let her know
That i still love her
That i always will love her
That i did what i could
To keep her here with us
A little bit more
I need to tell her
That i blame my self
For her much to soon
And it’s eating me up
And her hugs would heal my wounds

I need to ask her all these things
Can you be so kind
And buy her a ticket
I promise to pay back
I just need to see her
Just for a day
Or two
She was my mother
And she will always live
In my heart ”



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