November rain..

New app..same blog..I haven’t written for some time now. When i was a child a got a new diary every Christmas..i said to my self that i would write every day for the rest of my life..i didn’t. But i wrote 6 full books of notes..and i always started with ” Dear diary ”. A time in my life my diary was the only place i could tell my thoughts i was ashamed to tell anyone else..

Now i don’t write in a last diary is half my blog..this place will be my diary..along with my social media pages..

It’s November..and it’s raining..and i love the song from Guns and roses..November rain..

I’m on a stop Tromsø..i have 2 things i will do there..first the musical Sound of music with my drama course i have..then a competition in poetry – poetry stop Tromsø..

Once upon a time i had 2 mothers and 2 fathers..not emotionally..emotionally i have only had one mother and one father..but not long ago i also had a birthmother and a my i only have one father and one women who brought me to real mother passed away 18 month ago..and my biological father father passed away two and a half year ago..complicated? Yes it is life and all emotions..

I lived all my childhood without any i have 3..biological ones..2 with the same mother and one with the same father..i don’t have so much contact with any of them..unfortunately..i have my priorities fucked saying to my self..time isn’t enough to see them..that’s bullshit..time is time..and what you do with it is your business..let me put it this way..i have my inner demons and sometimes they decide for me..not my common sense..

I should write a new book..or at least finish the three ones that are half written..but priorities are not as they should..’s time for on my nightshift and it’s 3.20 a.m..i will try to be back here..sometime soon..



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